March 13, 2008

Take a survey, help new grads…

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I recently (today) received a request to post something on my blog (which I’ve done below)  but before that I wanted to let everyone know I am alive.  Work got very busy and my home life as a single mother is always busy, so blogging fell by the wayside.  I have had more than one person tell me they have missed reading my posts so I am going to try to blog more regularly.  I’m going to start off easy – by posting something for someone else!

Practicality vs. Theory: Are we Preparing Health Sciences Librarians? 

Click here to take the ‘Practicality vs. Theory’ Survey!


As new librarians in the Health Sciences field, Ivonne Martinez and Michele Malloy (Dahlgren Library, Georgetown University Medical Center) discussed the correlation between courses offered within MLS programs and the job duties included in everyday Health Sciences library work.  At the MLA 2008 annual meeting we will present a paper entitled ‘Practicality vs. Theory: Are we Preparing Health Sciences Librarians?’, and are asking for your participation. We are seeking newly graduated librarians (within the past 5 years) from ALA accredited programs who are now holding professional positions in Health Sciences within the United States.

The application of information technology has changed the nature of library services and continues to change the tasks of library personnel. It is our objective to explore, from the perspective of recent graduates, the job market practicality of their education. To measure the efficacy of library schools’ current curriculum, we will conduct a survey to measure the impact of our education system on our ability to perform library functions. Survey questions will directly address coursework and job tasks to discover possible correlations and suggest improvements to future library school programs.

Michele and Ivonne thank you in advance for your participation. The survey should take 5-8 minutes to complete. If you have any questions or comments please direct them to

Click here to take the ‘Practicality vs. Theory’ Survey!