June 11, 2007

RSS on A-to-Z

Posted in Tips & Tricks, Web 2.0 / Medical Library 2.0 at 3:44 pm by Alexia

A comment left on this blog post by Michael Porter reminded me that I’m very lax in posting actual instructions on adding RSS urls to an A-to-Z list, specifically EBSCO.  It’s really rather simple.  There may actually be an easier way to do it but this is the only way I have figured out how that keeps the RSS feed with the rest of the title.

First you have to log into the administration module for A-to-Z and download your holdings file:

  1. Log in to Ebsco A-to-Z administration module
  2. Cursor over “Title Wizard” then choose “Download/Upload”
  3. List format should be tab deliminated, list content should be All Resources. I download all columns, it’s just easier for me that way.
  4. When the download file has been generated, right click on the “Click here to download your A-to-Z collection. ” link and save onto your computer.
  5. Open up the file in Excell.

To add an RSS feed to a title I generally do the following, which ensures that the RSS feed is in the same spot as the ejournal entry on A-to-Z:

  1. Erase the data in the LinkId and ResourceId columns.
  2. Keep data in Title and Sort Title columns the same.
  3. Change source to RSS feed
  4. Put RSS feed url in URL and ProxiedURL field.
  5. Keep data in PrintISSN and OnlineISSN columns.
  6. Erase data in all coverage related columns, including embargo.
  7. Don’t change anything in the subject related columns.
  8. Change the IsCustom column to Y
  9. Don’t change the Delete column.

I generally then delete any other rows for that title and for titles that don’t have RSS feeds.  After saving the file just go back to the A-to-Z administration module and upload the file as follows:

  1. Cursor over “Title Wizard” then choose “Download/Upload”.
  2. Click on the “Upload Collection” tab.
  3. Find the file on your computer.
  4. Click on the upload button.

From here you can customize as you wish.  I added the orange RSS Feed square as a custom note the attached the note to any source that was RSS Feed.

I hope this tutorial is useful.  Please leave any questions in the comment section and I’ll try and answer them as quickly as possible.  I’ll definitely be more prompt than I was getting this post up and running.