About Alexia Estabrook

I have been a librarian for 16 years, 12 of which I have spent in the medical (hospital) librarian vein.  I have a bachelors in business administration and MLS.  I am a senior AHIP member and active (too active perhaps) in many professional organizations.  I am currently the president of the Metropolitan Detroit Medical Library Group.  Personally, I am a single mom of a wonderful boy and I love my career.  I can be reached via email at alexia.estabrook [@] providence-stjohn [dot] org (yes, I have the world’s longest email address).

The views expressed at this site by Alexia Estabrook are her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of her employer, Providence Hospital, or other members of the library staff. 


  1. Hello Alexia,
    I happened upon Musings of a Medical Librarian Maven and thought you would be great to ask for feedback on our beta health search engine Healia (http://www.healia.com/). Given your expertise in medical information, I invite you to try it and provide us some feedback.

    Healia is different from other search engines because: 1) it only provides high quality results, 2) it lets you filter your results to fit your profile and needs, and 3) it shows relationships among medical terms to help you search more accurately. Healia was developed under a grant from the National Cancer Institute and recently received an award from the Emerging Technologies and Healthcare Innovations Congress.

    I look forward to your thoughts on Healia and how we may improve it. Pls feel free to forward this info and invitation to others who might be interested in providing feedback to us.


    Tassie DeMoney
    Marketing/Public Relations
    Healia, Inc
    425 646 6030

    p.s. How’s Detroit?…I’m a Wayne State Alum and used to live downtown just off of Woodward.

  2. Kevin said,

    I am an RN here in Phili, just starting out towards an MLIS. Nice site.

  3. […] Alexia Estabrook del blog “Musing of a Medical Librarian Maven” ha compilado una serie de lecturas para bibliotecarios en el campo de las ciencias de la salud. CiteULike es una gran herramienta para compartir información entre colegas. […]

  4. Carol Rawls said,

    Hi, I wa wondering if you work in technical services? I need to interview a medical librarian that works in any of the technical services departments. I am a Library Science student at Texas Women’s University. I can ask the questions through email if you are able to participate.
    Carol Rawls

  5. Lobna Bakr said,

    Hi ,
    My name is Lobna Bakr and am a Mecial Librarian in Alexandria,Egypt.
    in egypt to be a librarian all you have to do is take a bacherlor in librarianship and voila.
    I work at a medical center where my boss is an old lady that knows nothin about library or medicine.
    I am tryin to the best of my abilty to be a good Meical Librarian. but I have no idea how to do that.
    someone have told me i should try to look for a course that would help me to be a better Med. Lib.
    can you help me?
    I’ve tried to reach you via email but it said Domain name not found
    my email is lobna.bakr@gmail.com

  6. Laura said,

    Hi Alexia – I’m a IT person looking into a career change in the medical field after 20+ years in my currrent area. Right now I am taking some pre-med pre-reqs needed for Nursing, PT or PA programs. I have really enjoy the researching, writing and presenting medical conditions this semester. I believe I could make that a full time job I enjoy if there is such a thing (writing for magazines? blogs? public health?). Last night while talking to my acupunturist, she suggested I check out being a medical librarian so here I am stumbling across your blog!

    Thanks for your honesty, I really want to find out what the career is all about both good and bad.

  7. There is an chance to marketplace oneself whenever you meet up with new individuals. This is pertinent whether or not you run your own personal organization, are seeking work alter, want …medical marketing group

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