October 4, 2007

Calling all health system librarians…

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Are you a librarian working in a hospital that is part of a larger “health system”?  If so, we need to talk.  There is an idea floating around our system that a centralized library would save the system money.  There are so many reasons that won’t work but that isn’t the purpose of this post.  The librarians in the system which MPOW is a part of have already done a good job of group purchasing when we can to save us money, but not all vendors give you a price break for purchasing system wide resources.  In addition, not all of our hospitals need the same information.  The short of it is that I’d like to hear from all of you in regards to how the libraries in your health system work together and I’d like to start a dialog where we can share ideas and thought.  For now, lets just start in the comments for this post. Thanks!

October 2, 2007

Web-based file conversion

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Many times hospital librarians are expected to also be first tier help desk support yet don’t have the permissions or priviledges needed to really help.  From time to time I run across a really neat web-based tool that can help us “techie” librarians help our patrons.  Zamzar is one such tool.

Last week a patron had emailed herself a .wps document that she could not open on the hospital computer.  We are not allowed to download anything on the pc’s so I did a desperate Google (yes, I used Google.  Sue me) and found Zamzar.  In 4 easy steps her .wps document was uploaded to Zamzar, converted to a Word document, and emailed to the patron.  She was extremely grateful, and I learned something new.


October 1, 2007

Early treat for my readers

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