September 25, 2007

I failed as a librarian mother

Posted in Musings at 8:27 am by Alexia

Last night, while at the computer, my son (who is 9 and in 4th grade) wanted to look up facts on Tiger Stadium.  He and his classmates have been learning how to use the computer and the Internet at school.  He went to Google, which I overlooked because we were at a computer that was not mine and Google was the default home page.  He typed in Tiger Stadium and browsed the list of hits.  He zoomed in on the Wikipedia entry and ignored all others.  When I tried to explain to him that while Wikipedia might be a good source it is not the only source and he needs to use more than one.  He wouldn’t have any of that.  Wikipedia was it.  Granted, in this case the information was very accurate, but still… Wikipedia?  And only Wikipedia?  I’ve definitely fallen down on my librarian mother role.

I am a bit surprised the media specialist hasn’t talked about evaluating sources.  I am hoping she just hasn’t gotten there yet, as this is only the beginning of the third full week of school and they only have “library” on day a week.  What hit home for me for the first time, I mean really hit home, is that my son is going to learn about stuff on the Internet with or without me.

On a positive note, I have convinced my boyfriend that there is more to medical information on the Internet then WebMD.  He was actually going to search MedlinePlus for information last night.

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  1. Ryan said,

    While your son may have gotten the idea to look at Wikipedia from a friend, I suspect he may have chosen that resource because it was fed to him by his teacher or (gasp) the media specialist. Most teachers/librarians I know don’t allow their students to use Wikipedia, but I suspect just as many think it’s a great resource. Sometimes educating the Educators must take place.

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