September 18, 2007

Work / work balance

Posted in Musings at 11:06 am by Alexia

As time goes on and my career progresses I have become increasingly active in local, state and regional associations.  In addition, my job responsibilities have grown.  I am quickly reaching that point in my career where I’m concerned about my work / work balance.

I believe it is important to be active in associations.  The education and networking opportinities are reasons enough.  But, when you come right down to it your employer is paying you to work for the organization and even if, like me, you have “must participate in professional activities” in your job description and evaluation your focus must be your workplace.

Admininstration has revamped our evaluation structure and our departmental and individual goals have to relate to the operating unit’s goals and objectives.  We are being asked to quantify our goals and results and suddenly my entire job is topsy-turvy.  I don’t like making choices between work and professional activities but if I want to keep my sanity I must. 

How do you make choices in terms of work / work balance?