October 4, 2006

Naughty librarian? Give me a break!

Posted in Rants at 2:18 pm by Alexia

WARNING: Incoming rant with a slight feminist bend…

 So, I was perusing through my feeds when I ran across this little tidbit from Louise of Librarian’s Rant.

Second, a new costume from Target: the Naughty Librarian. At least it’s for adults. Sheesh. Enough with the shushing bimbos, people!

Actually, many of the costume in the “Women’s Sassy” category are outrageous but that’s just my opinion.  My initial thought is “where is the Naughty Accountant, Naughty Lawyer, or any naughty male worker costume?”  My next thought is “how are we going to be taken seriously when all people see us as is the mousey librarian or the librarian vixen ready to fullfill every male’s fantasy?”  Oh well, I guess it could be worse



  1. Michelle said,

    Good grief were they trying for the Parker Posey “librarian look” from Party Girl?! Because they failed miserably.

  2. Alexia said,

    I have no idea what “look” they were going for but they did fail. I have no issues with a woman being “sexual”, it just has no place in the profession, or any profession for that matter.

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