September 28, 2006

Medical Journal 2.0?

Posted in Web 2.0 / Medical Library 2.0 at 1:50 pm by Alexia

I just received an interesting email from Health Affairs, which highlights just how far this Web 2.0 “thing” is going.

Dear Health Affairs subscriber,

For twenty-five years Health Affairs’ goal as a journal has been to foster an ongoing dialogue on health policy issues of concern to a diverse audience of interested readers. We wanted to let you know that we are launching a blog on our Web site,, with the aim of expanding the dialogue even further.

Anyone is welcome to comment, but all must register and agree to terms of use, including the use of real names. We will filter comments for appropriateness and language.

The main elements of Health Affairs’ blog will include:

  • invited posts from leading policy analysts;
  • responses from a variety of health care stakeholders;
  • comments from readers;
  • links to timely information both within Health Affairs and from other sources;
  • posts from Health Affairs’ editors on policy briefings, new reports, hot policy topics.

Writers during the first two weeks will include:

James Robinson, University of California, Berkeley, on Michael Porter’s new book

Alain Enthoven, Stanford University, writing his first-ever blog post.

Uwe Reinhardt, Princeton University

Alan Maynard, University of York

And much more.

Blog postings will not be peer-reviewed, but all will be vetted by the journal’s editors.
We invite you, our loyal readers, to join us in this new venture beginning October 5 at


John K. Iglehart
Founding Editor
Health Affairs

I see this as an additional “grey literature” resource and something that we need to be aware of.  I have not fleshed all of my thoughts out about this and invite comments.

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