September 13, 2006


Posted in Humor at 8:47 am by Alexia

A search term you hope you never have to have done for yourself:

enema/adverse effects

Just saying…

Also, when will I learn not to eat breakfast while doing lit searches?  Obviously never.


  1. T Scott said,

    Reminds me of when I was working in Index Section at the National Library of Medicine in the mid-eighties. I was making my way through The Journal of Trauma and came upon a case study describing the unfortunate gentleman who was cleaning an oil derrick with a high pressure gun that shot hydrochloric acid. The gun backfired into his shoulder and the article included the graphic pictures of the surgery as the team tried to get ahead of the acid and save as much of his shoulder as possible. Somehow “hydrochloric acid/adverse effects” didn’t really seem to capture it. We settled on “*hydrochloric acid” with no subheading. Then I turned to the next article, “Facial Injuries By Grindstone”.

  2. Alexia said,

    Okay, now I’m laughing at the reference desk and people are looking at me funny.

    Vacuum cleaner injuries is another “interesting” search…

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