September 1, 2006

Follow up to my rant

Posted in Publishers, Rants at 9:57 am by Alexia

Earlier this week I ranted about being billed by our journal vendor for an additional charge to a 2005 subscription. While I haven’t gotten an answer that satisfies me yet on that specific item I did find out that our vendor can mark our account so that any additional charges will be invoiced to us by May so that we can take care of them before the end of our fiscal year. This makes sense in a way. We renew our journals by September 1st. We get billed by our vendor in October. The publishers may or may not have set the subscription price for the upcoming year. We will get invoiced for additional charges. This still doesn’t explain how we are just now getting billed for a 2005 subscription but, at the very least, I am slowing getting our account set straight with our vendor in such a manner as to alleviate some of these problems.

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