August 11, 2006

Site of Interest – DailyMed

Posted in Consumer Health, Reference Resources at 8:17 am by Alexia

DailyMed, produced by the National Library of Medicine, is a resource geared towards the consumer.  It provides information about marketed drugs, including FDA approved labels.  Results can be printed or emailed.  All labels can be downloaded.  An RSS feed for the database is also available.  As a consumer, I would like to be able to subscribe to a particular medication but a general feed is better than no feed at all.  Not all drugs are listed yet, the site currently contains 565 drugs (as of 11 August 2006).  The site does direct you to Medlineplus to get more information.  There is a link for reporting an adverse event that takes you to the FDA website.

Any product for consumers coming out of NLM is a quality product and I’d recommend adding this link to any consumer health web site or page.


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  1. Alexia, what do you think of the Mayo Clinic’s consumer drugs database?

    I know they are advertising supported, but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on and, too.

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