August 9, 2006

Podcast – Library Geeks 101

Posted in Professional Development at 7:27 pm by Alexia

Continuing education need not be limited to conferences, CE courses or professional meetings.  I have recently discovered podcasts and have found several that have helped me become more familiar with a variety of topics.  Podcasts will not give you indepth knowledge on a subject (as most are an hour or less) but instead you can get a rather good overview on a variety of topics.

Over at LibrarianInBlack I saw an announcement of a new podcast series called Library Geeks 101.  Lorcan Dempsey Dan Chudnov (thanks Alane for pointing out my error!) of One Big Library has posted the first podcast of the series, called Fun with OpenURL. talks to Ross Singer at the Georgia Tech library about OpenURL.  There are options to listen and subscribe via Odeo or iTunes.  I’m a little disappointed there is not Bloglines link as that is how I subscribe to my podcasts but I have downloaded iTunes at home.  Guess I’ll get a crash course in using that.



  1. Alane said,

    Hi Alexia, welcome to the biblioblogosphere. Many years ago, I worked in a medical library–during library school–which I enjoyed a lot..

    A correction for this post….my OCLC colleague Lorcan Dempsey writes an emponymous blog at Dan Chudnov writes One Big Library.

    Also, a minor quibble….your library is blogging in mid-career? Or are you? 🙂

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